Friday, June 28, 2024

Here's the rest of the Pansy embroidery

I know I've been so behind is posting this year. It's just been one crazy thing after another with the worst being having a cousin die suddenly at the end of May. This month hasn't been good either, and  definitely feel worn out emotionally. So I decided to finish the embroidery and put it up. For the rest of the year I have small designs I'll list for you.

The last stitch was for May and it was chain stitch for the stems done in DMC 936. I did stripes for the circle section.

June's stitch was for the center of the flowers. Using 2 strands of DMC 17 to fill in the small areas with straight stitches. Again I did stripes but short wide ones for the circle section.

July's stitch is for the 4 center flower petals. I did lazy daisy stitch using 2 shades of purple to fill in the areas. I used 3 strands of 550 for 2 petals and 3 strands of 552 for the other 2 petals. I decided on 2 shades so the stitches didn't blend into one large piece instead of showing 4 petals. I used both purples to make standing lazy daisy stitches that varied in size.

August was the outer petals of the pansys. I used 3 strands of DMC 25 to fill in the areas with buttonhole stitch. For the circle section I did 3 half circles of the stitch.

September was to be wide fern stitch on the wings of the butterfly. I used 3 strands of DMC 783. You could just straight stitch the lines. The circle section has a line of regular width fern stitch.

October is the French Knots scattered along the fern stitch. I used 3 strands of DMC 310 black to make 2 wrap knots. The circle section has a few knots.

November is also done in the black floss. Use 3 strands to make a bullion stitch the length of the body. Then I used 1 strands to make straight stitches for the antennae. The circle section is 3 bullions joined with 2 straight stitches.

December is the very simple running stitch for the dashed lines. I used 1 strand of black. The circle section has 2 lines of the stitch.

That's it! Change the stitches, the colors, just have fun with it.

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