Friday, June 28, 2024

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I finally got around to posting something at my Patreon site. I've put this off for almost a year but I had everything ready to go today to get the last embroidery directions up and decided to stop putting dealing with Patreon. Here's the free pattern I listed.

I designed this tatted heart pattern in the 90's and used to have it up at my old tripod site. I closed that and all the free patterns went away. Now I plan on putting them up at Patreon for free. Later I may add a pay for membership but for now everything will be free. These hearts make cute pins and ornaments. perfect to make and give as gifts. Below is the link.

My Patreon link

This site, NeedlenThread ,is my go to when I need inspiration. It's also a good place to see lots of embroidery stitches. I like it so much I recently joined Mary's Patreon site. I want to work on my straight stitch blending and know that working some of her projects will help.

We're working on corn flowers, which I've always called bachelor buttons, and it's been a nice break for me but of course it makes me fall behind in my other projects.

This is a picture of some things I've done. The felt and embroidered panda is from a painting class given by Tam has the most inspiring classes but when I saw this one I knew I had to do my own version in felt and embroidery.

The turquoise this is supposed to be a macrame leaf. I made it after taking a free class called making zen. I used to macrame a lot so it was fun to have a go again.

The felt heart is one I designed. It's going to have a bee or butterfly button added to it. I'm liking working with felt and have more than a few projects I'm designing. I'll tell you about one project, it's gnome girls! They will be another in my line of pincushions.

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