Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!


Just wanted to stop in and wish all a merry Christmas!

The day's quiet here, just the DH and me, oh and the dogs and cat. They got plenty of gifts to keep them busy till the new year. This is Micah and Dillon. Micah has grown so much since we got him in Oct. He's bigger than the cat now.


My print head gave up last week and nothing Canon suggested is working so either I get a new one or replace the print head.  Nice thing about Canon printers is that the print head just pops out! I've found a new lap top I'm mulling over. It's a 17" !!!! Love the big screen!!! Just have to decide whether to go with an 8GB or 16 GB memory. The price jumps quite a bit for the larger amount. Want to wait until next week in hope that the huge amount of packages to be delivered will have shrunk some. I ordered some embroidery floss from the Farmers Attic at etsy. Even though the package was coming from one side of PA to the other it took almost 3 weeks to come here. Would hate to have a computer sit around and possibly get lost or damaged.

 Hope your day has been a happy and healthy one!