Thursday, March 5, 2020

TAST week 7, at least one of them

Here's what I did for week 7. On the quilt top I did the week's lazy daisy stitch. The sample shows the other stitch given, the barred chain stitch. I used it on the blue/green quilt but haven't taken the pic yet because I'm doing week 8 on it. I keep all the excess quilt rolled and tucked with safty pins so it's out of the road as I embroider. 

This is what I'm doing instead of what I should be doing, DESIGNING new patterns.  I am finally finishing the directions for a rabbit pincushion I actually made last fall. It would have been done but I got side tracked by another pattern idea. It's done but needs the directions written. Since it's a winter pattern there's no hurry.

BTW, I"m leaving Patternmart. I just don't sell enough there to cover the monthly rent. I'll be removing links by the weekend. You can still get my pattern at etsy. I should list them at ebay but they make selling PDFs harder. Dollmakers Journey carries most of my patterns as printed and PDFs.

I've had customers ask if I'm going to design some new tatting patterns. If you've been to my etsy store you know I don't even sell much for tatting any more. I've just lost interest. Embroidery has captured my mind right now so I don't know when or if I'll ever design for tatting again. I do have some simple patterns for jewelry I had planned on selling for a few dollars. Maybe I'll hunt for them and get them up sometime this year.