Monday, March 2, 2020

Still behind but here's week 6 for TAST

I hate that I have SOOOOOOOO much trouble making up my mind when it comes to deciding what to embroidery using the week's stitches. This week was herringbone and raised closed herringbone (which makes the padded leaf shape). For this quilt I did part of the heart with herringbone stitch. Below is the result of the raised close herringbone. I'm not done with that embroidery. I want to add more flowers and leaves to it.

This is my other crazy quilt I'm adding embroidery to. I used the herringbone stitch for the net over the fish and for some of the plant leaves.

This pic shows the leaves better.

I may end up combining a few weeks just to catch up. I need to do weeks 7 & 8. Tomorrow will be week 9, though here on the east coast of the US it shows up on Monday afternoon thanks to the time difference.

I may never have added embroidery to these 2 quilt tops if it wasn't for TAST. It may take a few years to fill in all the spaces and then do the seams but at least it's better than leaving them in the bottom of my large embroidery basket.