Thursday, March 12, 2020

Closed Patternmart store -

I finally closed my store at Patternmart. Today I updated all the pages here on the blog and at my website, . I'm embarrassed to say I found SOOOOOOOO many goofs there. Not just spelling, which is bad enough, but tons of link problems with all the old free patterns.Went over every page and think I found all the problems, at least I hope I did. :)

You can still buy my patterns at Etsy and some are at Dollmakers Journey. As always I can list them at ebay if that's where you prefer to shop.

I'm off to renew my domain name before it expires. I seem to be VERY behind on everything. It expires tomorrow. At least the taxes are done and got the refund.

Update on next pincushion pattern. The directions are almost done. If it wasn't for all this updating (Which it turned out needed to be done badly) it would be ready for sale.

I know I'm spending WAY too much time on my TAST results. It's keeping me from all the sewing I should be doing. At least I stopped playing games. I wasn't getting anything done when I was addicted to them.