Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 new Halloween pumpkin dolls at Ebay

Got these 2 dolls up a few days ago. The goth looking pumpkin girl is Phoebe. I don't do many dolls with legs but thought it would be a nice change. She has a pet spider,Timmy. I tatted black trim and a long motif to use on her clothing.
 Below is Yvette. She's a half doll built on a dowel and wood base. She's my favorite for this Halloween season so far. I love the tiny pom-pom trim I found for the edging on the polka dot fabric. I also bought some orange I'm using on another slightly larger pumpkin lady that's partly done. As usual I have a lot of things I'm working on.

Here's a photo of the base. I'm really pleased with it. I've had crackle medium for years and seldom used it but now that crackle nail polish is so popular I thought I'd try it again.

As I list and re-list dolls I'm adding buy it now to many of my ebay listings so customers won't have to wait long or miss getting a doll for Halloween.
I'm finishing up 2 small dolls. One is a frog and the other a cat. These aren't my designs. I saw the patterns at etsy and had to get them. I'll post pics and a link to the pattern designer's store when they are finished. I'm also part way done with a large mummy. I wanted a tea stained one this year and I'm using an old pattern I bought back when I used to sell things at a local shop called The Keeping Room.