Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Halloween Dolls at Ebay!

These are the four Halloween items I listed today at ebay.

I've made a sold a few stacks of Jacks in previous years and hope customers will like this one, too.

This is the first rolie polie pumpkin head I've made. I was stuffing the large head for the stack and when I sat it down it wobbled and reminded me of rolie polies so I thought I'd make one.

Here are 2 cats. I love to make cats especially the bat winged one. This is the second in my Sadie cat series and the third cat I've made like this. The first was a ghost cat!

Lu-Lu is a half cat built on a wood dowel and base. After adding the netting to her head she reminded me of a Halloween bride or bridesmade. She'd make a great shower decoration!

No pics of the green witch I made today, it's way too rainy.