Monday, November 7, 2011

New Dolls at Ebay and no sewing machine!

Here's a pic of a new doll I have up at ebay. I got the pattern for him and a few others at The Cheswick Company's etsy store. Love her patterns because you use felt to make them. I also have a cat done but have to edit the pics. Look for a Christmas cat, a Thanksgiving mouse, and 2 snowmen. I just need to decide what kind of bases I'm putting them on.

Last week was another one of those weeks where it seems every time I touch something electronic I do damage. First my sewing machine won't pull the fabric thru as I'm sewing. I'm hoping it's just the feed dogs so I ordered a new one. When I pulled out my back-up machine, which is a really old one I was given when my eldest Aunt died, I found the rubber belt is bad and needs replaced. Instead of doing that I ordered a new Singer at HSN. I've never ordered from them but my brother is a fan so I thought I'd try it. With all the extras it was a better deal than buying elsewhere. I'm glad I have until Jan. to try it. This is a good time of year with sewing so much to give it a real try out.

My next problem was my vacuum. The on-off switch went bad. The machine isn't worth fixing with all the other broken bits it has so I'm going to have to look for a replacement. I'm hoping this month isn't one of those where things keep breaking or going wonky.

I get so depressed when stuff like this happens so instead of doing my work I play online games. What a waste! I have too much to do and shouldn't waste time.