Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Have you tried Olive & June products?


Here's a pic of my polish collection minus the 2 bottles I forgot for the pic. This polish is great and the company fantastic. They really stand behind their products. 

I was using the primer before polish and my nails were growing and looking great. I don't wear them more than 1/4 inch beyond the tip of my finger. But after about a month and a half I started noticing that my nails were getting dry again. Then they started breaking really easy. After doing some reading about the primer I found it was WAY to strong for my nails.

Now I'm having to grow them out again. It looks like I've been biting my nails they are so short. I thought about buying the nail strengthener O&J sells but I had a bottle of Pink Armor so I'm using it.

Finding the Pink Armor made me go thru my collection of nail polish. I have 4 bottles of pale lavender! I'm like, why would I have ever bought that many bottles? Especially since I tend to wear that color in the spring and only on my toes.

Next I found I have 3 bottles of pale yellow. That's a color again for my toes and only in the summer. At least there were only 2 bottles of blue and one was empty enough to be tossed out.

Then there are the 2 bottles of frost white, 2 bottles of plain white, 3 frost peach shades, 6 various pinks, 3 nudes, and one sand color. A black, gold, another white. and a dark blue have been moved to my paints in my craft room. At least they'll get used there. This list doesn't include the 8 O&J bottles.

Ok, I have to admit it now, I'm addicted to buying nail polish. I know some people have a whole lot more but my inventory has made me realize it's time to stop. Now that Walmart is selling Olive & June polish I have to stay out of the nail polish aisle.

I also use O&J's cuticle treatments and remover. I tried their buffer but found it is way to rough on my nails so I use one I got at the Dollar Tree that has a soft buff side. 

Back to why I fully support O&J. I left a 2 star review on the primer and what my experience was using it. They contacted me with a $30 gift card. I used it to try the cuticle kit which I really like. How many companies would do something like that? I bet they'll stop doing that soon since there will be those who lie just to see if they can get free stuff. Sad huh? 

BTW, my fav polish color right now is Pink Goldfish. I wore this all summer and the bottle is 2/3 empty. It is still like when I first opened it. Have you found most polish starts to thicken by the time it's half empty and by only 1/3 left it's time to toss it? I won't be wearing polish for at least a month while the very short nails grow out so it will be interesting to see if it is still usable.

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