Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Do like mystery podcasts?

 Ok, I'm new to pod casts. I just couldn't find the time to site thru them but when I got an email from iheart radio with  link to one called Bridgewater I was curious. There's a town in my county called that so I had a look. Once I saw it stared Misha Collins, Nathan Fillion (season 1), and Alan Tuduk (season 2)  I decided to listen. It's weirdly fun and I'm enjoying season 2 now with  new episode on Fridays. It's also great that most are only around 30 minutes. I don't have patience for much more than that. My brain starts to wander.

Bridgewater    Here's the link to Grim and Mild where you can find links to listen on various platforms.

BTW, they have other pod casts, too.

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