Wednesday, August 10, 2022

New menber of the family.......maybe


This little kitty showed up a few days ago so it looks like for the first time we have 2 cats. Jingles doesn't seem to mind so far but after his health scare we don't want any stress to make it come back. The dogs of course think this is a new playmate but the kitty is probably only 7-9 weeks old and is WAY too small to deal with 2 crazy cocker spaniels. It's so small we're not sure if it a boy or girl yet. I'm going to put a sign up about finding it where the drive turns to the main road just in case it's a missing kitten. Would really hate to keep it if it belongs to someone else.

The DH wants to call it Oscar but I think it's a girl and want to call it Emmy, short from Emmaline. I'll post whatever happens.

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