Sunday, July 25, 2021

More drawing supplies! I admit it, I'm addicted

 I just bought another of Johanna Basford's books. This time it's 'World of Flowers'. Inky Wonderlands is under it in the photo.

I decided I needed a new sketch book for all the Angela Kennedy classes I'm going to do. They're not so much classes as examples to try. I did buy one of her classes on etsy which I want to find time for. I'm going to do some decoupage with her name and one of the drawings for the sketch book cover. I have some nice scrapbook paper for the background.

 Since I've learned so much from Tam's Kaleidoscope classes I dug out the case I keep my paints in to find my gesso and medium. Sad to say both had gone bad so I had to buy new. The medium is in the photo. I still need to get some gesso. I also found I had water color pencils, surprise to me :), so I bought a pack of water color brushes. Christa Forest used them in her class. This women is freakin' amazing!!!!!! I love watching her work. I don't have the patience to learn to draw and paint like her but it is such a pleasure to watch her.

I found a YouTube video on using color pencil on fabric and a tip was to use Loc-Tite mounting putty to erase. Well, I  never knew you could erase these pencils from fabric so I bought a package to try. Results: after smooshing a piece up I tried erasing some purple pencil from fabric. It did remove most of the pencil. Maybe if I kept at it, it all would be gone. Not so good on paper, though. It didn't work at all. I got out my Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser and it took it right off the paper. BTW, it didn't work on the fabric which was just white cotton

 The 2 spiral bound books in the background I found in my paint box. Forgot I had bought them ages ago. Just packed them away since I really wasn't doing much drawing then. They're pretty old (copyright1988). I'm always on the look out at used book sales for any craft books so I guess that's why I bought them.

I did forget to add the new 0.5 pencils, the Pentel clicky erasers and Fiskars pencil sharpener I bought. I like to use the smaller lead pencils when drawing Johanna's inky creations but I still like my old Berol Turquoise with 4H lead for Angela's girls. I bought the pencil, 2 lead refills, the sharpener needed for them, and my big set of Prisma pencils when an old stationary store went out of business. Jack and I went overboard buying up various pens, pencils, rulers, paper, and other things at 50% to 75% off. I got a 60 pencil set for under $25.

 I'm also finishing up the August free embroidery and 'The Fall Stall' pattern. I spent a few hours this afternoon sorting thru doll patterns I started then put away so I have 2 of those I really want to work on. Finally finishing the new seahorse pattern made me want to make dolls again. As always I'm juggling way too many projects but I find it keeps me from getting bored. It also helps to put something away for a while then go back to it. It gives you a fresh eye to see what you really should change. 

Don't forget to come back for the free August embroidery!