Saturday, May 29, 2021

It was my Birthday last week


 It was my birthday last week and the DH got me another pair of Silver Forest earrings. He knows I love their designs plus it makes it easy for him to shop. We both HATE shopping even for ourselves. I'd like some holiday themed earrings but with a birthday in May and anniversary in August there's not much to choose from. Last year he did buy me a pair with flags but I'm not real crazy for them.


Here's a pic of almost all of my Silver Forest earrings. A few are missing, probably mixed with with all my jewelry findings. The pink earring on the left were a free pair I got after filling out a form found at their web site. You save the stickers that come with the earrings, so it's buy 5 and get a pair free. I also have a black pair missing from the picture that was free. I didn't choose the pink and gold pair and they're just not my style so I'll use them for some jewelry designs or maybe just sell them.



I also got these.  I'm a Jenny Fan. Her books put a funny spin on dealing with panic attacks and other similar problems. The plants were a gift I bought for myself. 

It was a nice birthday because as usual there was a dog competition that Jack worked so I had most of the weekend to myself. I'm betting most of you would not be happy that your husband didn't take you out to eat or at least do something with you. I don't eat out because of being lactose intolerant so that's always a no go and I don't want to sit around in the heat watching the dogs run around. Ah, but I do enjoy having time to my self to finally get my email cleaned out and work on projects. Below is a doll for a new pattern that's almost done! Hope to have her ready before the end of June.

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