Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Do you have an Aldis and love shoes?

The reason I ask about Aldis is that I found the cutest garden boots there last week. But I do have one problem with them, the chickens think the flowers are real and keep pecking my feet :)

 I couldn't go home with just the garden boots when they also had clogs. Had a problem there, too. The size I bought were WAY too big so I went back to the store a few hours later only to find one pair left in 5/6 in pink. I'm not really a pink clothing person but got them anyway.

 It's really funny how the size 7 boots fit perfectly but the 5/6 clogs are still a little too big and way too wide to wear without thick socks. Don't you wish manufacturers would finally decide what measurement a size is and stick with it? I own shoes from 5 - 7s so I never order any shoes. I just don't trust what I'd end up with.

 Sorting my closet to get out summer clothes I decided to decorate some of the boxes. The larger box with socks on it has all my super thick socks. The boxes look so pretty I'll need to make some time to do the rest. A cute way to upcycle the boxes! The stickers and paper came from a kit I bought a the local Humane Society resale store.

Speaking of upcycling we went to the local Restore shop and I was beyond happy to find many teapots to choose from. I've been wanting a new one that is a step up in size from the 2 cup I've been using. That left me with 3 to choose from. A floral was too 70's, a large that was marked with Harrods was $20 and I didn't want to pay that much, so I ended up with a shiny black pot for only $5. I'll make a pretty cozy for it and it will be fab. Teapots are not easy to find locally. Guess most around here drink coffee so the stores don't bother to carry them.

I also couldn't pass up these 2 metal frames. Not sure what I'll put in them yet but aren't they pretty? The small glass seashell was something I had to have. I LOVE shells! I'm using it right now to hold my cold and allergy pills I need to take.
I think the cold has finally gone away but it's left me with worse allergies than I usually have. I'm spending about half an hour a day weeding out the garden or mowing. That's about all I can take since all the weeds are making me stuffed up and coughing. Yesterday I sneezed 6 times in a row, really!

I plan on posting more often but it will all depend on how well I feel. Hope you all are doing great and wear a mask if you need it. Even though PA. has lifted it for those who have their shots (and I have) I still worry with these sinus problems I may be more susceptible to getting covid so I still be wearing mine.

Stay healthy,

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