Friday, February 26, 2021

Still doing TAST and other sewing


Here are my versions of Week 8 for TAST. Yes, they are from last year since I've been too busy this week to do new versions but now I can put them on the playing cards instead of having them paper clipped to the printed directions. I'm thinking I may continue to do this so I can get the embroidery done I really should be doing.

 These I did do last week. Sharron gave us 3 extras on her blog. The one to the left is called Ainu Running Stitch. The one on the right is Threaded back stitch which I love to use for my heart embroideries. The one in the center is called Laced Pekinese. I LOVE how it looks. It was kinda hard to do to keep the back stitches even on the cotton fabric I normally use so I made it on a scrap of 28 count cross stitch fabric. It came out great. Not sure what I would use it on except for a crazy quilt but I do want to make it again.

 This is a pic of a coat I'm making. I started it probably 5 years ago and had planned on sewing it right away since I love this pattern but life got in the way. I kept putting it off till I decided it was time to finish some of the many UFOs I have in plastic bins and boxes. I have a dark green version of this coat that I made 2 years before buying the supplies for this one. I did add a lining and this one will have one, too. My goal is to do 1 sewing step in the directions every 2-3 days. That way it can get done and I won't get over whelmed. I seldom sew clothing for myself any more so it's such a HUGE project to get myself "in gear" to actually make something. I'll keep posting pics as I work on it but there's a really good chance I'll sew for a while then hang it all in the closet for another time.

I have 2 free embroideries for March so come back!

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