Tuesday, July 21, 2020

It's getting better all the time -

My ankle's doing better. It's great to be able to walk around without wincing in pain. Since I've been hanging around the house instead of working in the garden and yard I've been sewing. Below is a tutorial I followed after finding the post on http://www.elfantz.com for making quick cover for small tablets. The link will take you to the post. This would make a great beginner project for new sewers. I love little tablets for writing down all the lists and notes I make all day.

To the top right is the printout of the blog post so I could follow without being on the computer. My tablet was a little bigger than the one in the tutorial so I made sure to wrap a tape measure around the tablet to get the correct size. I bought this cherry print fabric at Walmart before covid hit. I wanted to make a cute walhanging but knew I had to use some for this cover.
I used the red dot for the inside. This shows the cover pockets laying on top.

Here's the whole thing pinned together.

My little Singer sewing it together.

Using a dowel to turn right side out.

I decided it needed a small embroidery of some cherries so I drew out the design and picked out the DMC floss.

Here it is! I hand sewed some green ric-rac around the fringed edge and added the button.

I like it so much I'm making another using a cute peapod fabric I had in my stash. Speaking of my stash I recently bought these quilter's quarters. Don't they remind you of sorbet or sherbet? Or citrus? Not sure what I'll use them for yet. I think I need to find a print with at least 3 of the colors. This calls for a trip the the fabric store that just relocated 10 minutes away :)