Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Here's what I've been doing -

I'm trying to work on the multitude of UFO's I have. I tend to move from one project to another when I can't decide what I want to do with what I'm working on. Take for instance ... the new version of my seahorse rider. It’s been 4 maybe 5 years ago that I started redoing that pattern. The doll still needs her hair on. Oh, I have the hair fibers but just can’t get inspired enough because of the seahorse. I had a huge change for it and have found what I drew on paper is a lot harder to accomplish when sewing it. So, there it sits on a shelf in a closet with other started designs that stalled as I worked on them. Way too many :(

As unfinished projects sit, I’m always moving onto the next thing. To help me stop all this I bought a small wipe board and made 2 columns, one for old projects, and one for new. I also added a note to remind me to stop adding more stuff to make without finishing stuff that’s already started. I was going to post a pic of it but my camera battery just died so it’s on charge.

As for old projects I decided to work on some aprons I started last summer.

I’ve cut out a Japanese style full apron using the chicken print fabric. For my husband I’m finishing a basic butcher style with a panel cut from a t-shirt a friend bought him. I’ll post a pic next time.

In the new pile I made myself a new pincushion. Again I followed some free patterns I found at Elefantz. They're on her free patterns page.Here are some pics.

 Amazing with all the buttons I couldn't find one I wanted to use so I went thru a small set of drawers where I have lots more and found the perfect ones.

I love the tiny bee print fabric by Mary Englebreict. I bought it ages ago at Walmart and save it for special projects. The fabric bin above is made using a free pattern I have at my web site over at tripod. Each of the flowers are yo-yos that I gathered into 5 petal flowers. Each of the 4 sides have a ceramic button. Here you can see the hive and a bee. The case was made to hold my original cell, a small tablet and pen. I decided it was too big and made another. Unfortunately I've misplaced it and it's making me crazy. I HATE to lose anything. I also lost my original haircutting shears. I think they cut a hole in the tote they were in but where they fell I don't know.

Back to the pincushion, here it is! I made a change to the scissor pocket since the embroidery wasn't as long as the one in the directions. I found another ceraminc bee button so added it to the front. But it's the back that's I love. I found I had a spool of this tape measure ribbon so I checked to make sure it was accurate, and it was! Perfect for the back.

 I also want to share a mat using a denim pocket. I found the pattern in Quilter’s world magazine, vol.39 no.2. I changed out the bias for the stem. I had some crochet cord I made that was perfect. My pocket was larger but I did have the same fabric for the back/binding. I also switched the mini dot green and orange for a tiny leaf pattern. I also used 2 vintage buttons.

 Now I have a place to set my iced tea and coffee without staining the vintage tablecloth.

And ..... in case you're windering if I'm designing anything new here's a pic of the supplies I'm working with. It's the same pink fabric I used for the flower on the mat. I've had the ivy/rose fabric for ages. I bought a couple of yards but after making a few doll dresses with it I never used it again. I think it's perfect for my new version of the clothespin fairy. BTW, I'm working on directions using dowel rods instead of mini clothespins. Too many people couldn't find the pins.