Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another New Pattern Up for Sale!

This new pattern was done as an update to my old mermaids and shells pattern. This doll is slightly bigger. Audrina is 16" from the top of her hair to the tips of her tail. The really big change is her hair. It's mohair that's been cut from the skin. I bought mine at Ebay but Etsy as well as other online places sell it. There are a lot of tips and color photos, along with step-by-step instructions and drawings to help you make her. I like her made in the orange batik for a goldfish look.

This is what the clamshell looks like. Fun wire is hand sewn along the edge so it can be shaped. Fun wire is also sewn to the tail for the same reason.

Look for Audrina and her seashell at my Etsy store and at Patternmart as Pdfs and printed patterns. At Ebay I'm only selling printed patterns but would put up a listing for a PDF if asked. At Patternspot only PDFs are available. If you have any questions please contact me thru Etsy or Ebay.