Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finally working on things for the holidays!

I made 2 catfish like this but never put them up for sale. I'll probably put one up at etsy and one at ebay in case anyone is still looking for Halloween things. If they don't sell look for them at Artfire.

I'm moving most of the Halloween things that didn't sell over to etsy instead of relisting them at ebay for now. At least I will be doing this when I can find the time.

No pics but I am working on some new things for Christmas and winter. I have 4 snowman bell ornaments almost done, 2 snowmen similar to my Mr. Magic I made for Halloween, 2 small 1/2 body snowladies, and a snowgirl with legs cut and sewn. They just need put together. When I get them done I'll be moving onto elves.