Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice and Snow Storm!

What a day! First rain turned to ice and now it's snowing. I think I've shoveled more snow this month than all of last winter.

I'm working on a new pattern with 4 tatting patterns in it. Instead of publishing all of my tatting designs in book form I decided to do them as patterns like my doll ones. Easier to keep the price down since I use so many color photos.

Been feeling lazy, no sewing, only doing a lot of reading and tatting. I've made about 4 dozen snowflakes to include in packages I send out to customers. So if you order from me I'll probably include a snowflake at least until March. If you don't get one, sorry I may have forgotten.

Got a "booth" opened at . Just search for creativestitches. When I get more than 2 things up I'll put a link here to it. We're all hoping this is the site to do as well or better than ebay. No auctions, it's set up like etsy but calls the stores boothes. Have a look you may find something you want!

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