Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nightmare of a Month

Wow, I'm so glad this month is finally ending and HOPE next month will be better!

It all started with a cold I got at the beginning of the month that just won't go away ( Probably from one of the Halloweeners we got this year). Every time I start to feel better it comes back the next day. It makes me so tired I'm having trouble finishing anything. I cut out 5 tree top angel/fairies, 2 elves and 2 snow girls right at the beginning of the month and am still working on the tree toppers (haven't started the others yet). Three are done, whoo hoo!

I'd post pictures but that leads me to my next headache. My so easy to use Kodak camera quit working Thanksgiving morning. The lens won't extend. Seems this is a problem with this type of camera. Wonder if house dust causes this? It sits in it's dock ready to go all the time. Maybe I needed a camera cozy! I'm trying to decide whether to have it fixed, buy a new one, or learn to use the husbands complicated dig cam. It's so frustrating that the camera broke because I'm always SO careful with it. It never leaves the house & never has been dropped. I HATE STUFF BREAKING!!!!

Speaking of stuff breaking there's my clothes dryer. It was working fine, dried 3 loads but when I put in the 4th, POOF! Broke! Worse my regular repair guy isn't answering his messages. That was on Monday and I'm still waiting. This Monday I call someone else. It's so cold out but I'm hanging laundry outside and in the basement. Not looking forward to hanging all the whites tomorrow! I know, I know I could take them to the landro but I hate to sit around in there. It's hard to breath when I don't have a cold but now I'd be a runny mess from all the steam.

Then there's our sewer. It started backing up into the basement drains the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Got the drains cleaned out and then yesterday they started again. Thank goodness I have a great sewer guy who came back, fixed it and didn't charge me again. We have to have them cleaned out every fall. It's either that or cut done trees (NEVER!).

One of the ebay groups I joined is doing an ornament exchange. I got someone who sells primitive embroidery so I'm doing a slide charm ,unsoldiered cause I haven't taken the time to learn how to yet! I finished it this morning and I really like it. I wraped it with rusty wire and added 2 rusty snowflakes and a bell. At the top I put torn strips of plaid homespun and narrow vintage looking tinsel garland. I also plan on making a folded envelope to put it in and will send a few of my tatted wreath pins. Gotta get it in the mail by Sat!

I'm off to see if I can join another halloween group at eBay. It's the one I originally wanted to join but they weren't taking new members at the time, now they are. Wish me luck!

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