Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer Dreamin'

Hard to believe it's June already. I had planned on having my new pattern done by now but I got side tracked by the tatting book again. Last night I got out the doll and decided to slowly get back to work on her. Today I'm working on the head. I'm making a few so I can get pictures of various steps without having to stop so often. I really like having color pics of most of the steps but it does slow down the process.

To celebrate Summer I thought I'd post a pic of my favorite crochet mini merbear. The tail is fabric but I crocheted the bear body, headband, bracelet, the fringy skirt, and her top. The 'seaweed boa' is crocheted from a fuzzy yarn (it's draped over the rock). I even made the seashell throne she sits in!

This is the second merbear I've made. I sold the first at my ebay store. I plan on putting this one up for sale this month.

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