Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Store's Back Up!

I finally got the eBay store, ,up and running again last week. I never should have shut it down in the first place. I love the new colors I used now that I've lived with them for a week. I was so worried they were too dark I made new ones in various colors to try out. I love them all so much I'm thinking about changing colors every season.

I found a web site that has so much great info for people who sell at eBay who want to use HTML to enhance their auctions and stores. The person who runs it goes by the name Shipscript and is a great help! I love the Pretty Borders Coder! It's a lot of fun to play with!

Updates on past posts:

1. Never heard back from the doll magazine. Guessing even though they say they'll accept submissions by email, they don't. Not sure what I'll do with the pattern now.

2. Haven't been in the mood to sit and sew, so the newest pattern is going nowhere. I can report that I've been working on my tatting book again instead. This has been being worked on for over 10 years now. I get tired of all the tatting the samples require. Half of the book has been written but I need to decide just how many patterns to include. Barb at Handy Hands told me I should have about 15 but since this book needs to be in color and there are 4-6 pages of directions with diagrams per pattern I'm tempted to stop at 10. I have 8 samples done, number 9 is almost done, and 10 is drafted.

3. Taking a small break from the Barnes & Noble group. It's just not as good as when it was a class. I've been so busy with the store and the tatting that I haven't had time to fit in writing. Another problem I have with the club is that it's for regular fiction, though that hasn't stopped all the fantasy writers from joining in, but what I really want is a club for mystery writers. Maybe one will start this summer.

Hope you'll have a look at the new store!

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