Thursday, March 29, 2007

Seems Like a Nightmare

Still waiting to hear from doll magazine about the flower fairy pattern. I hate to be seen as a pest but it looks like I'm going to have to email them. I should have 2 weeks ago just to see if she got the original email I sent.

After dealing with magazines for more than 10 years I know some editors take months to make a decision while others let you know right away one way or the other. This is the biggest reason I stopped sending patterns to magazines for the longest time. It's so hard to wait and then find out, no they can't use it right now but maybe later or if you'd be willing to make a few changes we might consider it or it's perfect except for the color. It makes me crazy! Another nightmare is when they purchase all rights to the pattern but you never see it in print or if they did print it they never bothered to sent you the free issues you are supposed to get. But here's the worst, I sent tatted bracelets to a magazine for photographing and while they had them, they were bought and closed down. I never got paid or the bracelets back!

Oh well, wish me luck!

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