Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dreaming of Fairy Bears & More

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. I have been busy writing the directions for another pattern, working on a tatting book I started over 10 years ago (and just can't seem to finish!), and yes, I'm spending more time than I need to working on stories I have no intention of ever trying to get published.

Here's a pic of the fairy bears-

They're made from Kunin fuzzy felt. I love to work with this felt. I know most people prefer fur but when your making a small bear and then sewing or gluing decorations to it, I found that any of the Kunin felts are better to use. I mean really, why waste some expensive mohair fabric? I haven't decided whether to try to get this published in Teddy Bear and Friends or go to Soft Dolls & Animals. I'm thinking the felt will keep the teddy bear magazine from being interested.

Have you noticed that the only good teddy bear mags are from Australia? Filled with great patterns and info, why don't we have one like this in the states? I'm really unhappy with the magzines that are published here or should I say lack of. So many went out of publication. I miss McCall's Needlwork and the doll magazines published by House of White Birches, then there's The Cloth Doll, and even MiMi's Let's Talk about Dollmaking. So sad they're not around anymore.

I mentioned the tatting book that's been driving me crazy for over 10 years. I just can't seem to stick with it. I guess one of the reasons is all the tatting that has to be done. I like to try each pattern at least 2 times to make sure I've got the thread amounts right. When I'm tatting up big doily size pieces it takes me forever to finish them. My shoulders and wrists start to hurt so I have to put it away and then I don't get back to it for another year. I only have 3 more pieces to tat then I can add them to the directions I'm already written. I did all the graphics in my old Paint Shop Pro soft ware. I love this program, well at least I love my old version 7. I never bothered to get a newer one to load on the new XP computer so when I need to use it, I fire up the old win98. Which also explains why I have no pictures or graphics to post here. They're on the old computer and I'm on the new.

I just can't stop the writing. It fills my need for a hobby. I have 3 stories going right now (same as always, can't work on one project at a time.!) All I need now is for Barnes & Noble to start up a mystery club (fingers crossed, hope, hope!). I mostly read mysteries so that's what I'm writing except for the time travel one. That one is so fun because I'm writing it from the main characters point of view, well actually she's telling the story. I read a book called 'Him, Her, Him Again, The End of Him' by Patrica Marx and loved this style of writing. Maybe all this fiction writing will help me with my directions for my patterns, at least what I'm telling myself!

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