Thursday, March 17, 2022

Here's free embroidery number 3


Finally this is March's embroidery. When March comes around I tend to think of St. Pat's Day so this clover seemed right for this month's freebie. I'm still filled with anxiety over what's happening in the world and I hope this embroidery helps you a bit with any stress you may be having by taking some time for yourself.

Something I didn't include in the first free embroidery was that I'm using a white pattern on white cotton fabric. I found that it's not the easiest fabric to trace a pattern on. A brighter day would have been better when I traced the pattern on a window. I just made a light box with some strip lights I bought 2 years ago to make a box for taking pictures but hadn't used. This is a LOT better than using a window. I always planned on buying a light pad but could never decide which to buy so this is a good way to make one with items I already had. I even had the piece of acrylic glass. I was going to cut out tatting shuttles, but again never got around to it.

Here are the directions for "March's" freebie. 

1. Cut a square of your background fabric 4 1/4" x 4 1/4". If you aren't adding borders like I did you should cut the fabric larger so it will fit in your embroidery hoop.

2. Using a permanent marker like a Pigma pen, trace the design.

3. Sew pieces of lace or fabric to the corners of the fabric following the pattern for placement.

4. Add the borders following the directions in the freebie posted in February.

5. Starting with the clover stems use 3 strands of floss (I used DMC 703) to stem stitch along each stem line.

6. For the clovers use the same thread as the stems but use all 6 strands of floss to make 2 lazy daisy stitches for each leaf.

7. Next I did the grass, though you can do it later. I used 3 strands of the same floss to do straight stitches (I used DMC 703). Make as much grass as you want.

8. The flowers are made with 4 strands of floss (I used DMC 604) to make the layers of lazy daisy stitches. Start at the bottom and work up.
-at the base of the flower use 4 strands of floss ( I used DMC 703) to make 2 lazy daisy stitches.

9. All the dots can be beads or french knots. I didn't do them yet since I plan on adding beads. I'll also be adding beads and french knots on the lace.

 Right click the pattern to save it to your hard drive. You'll need to print a pattern for tracing.

©Billie Jo Heisler 2022

All rights reserved


I drew this design by hand then used a software program to edit it.

Please consider the drawing copyrighted. You have my permission to print copies of the drawing in any size for your own use but not to share or sell. If you want to share the pattern please link to the blog pages.

The embroidery design is my own. I have not knowingly copied anyone else's work.