Monday, August 16, 2021

Thinking about shuttles again

I've been thinking about starting to sell things at my Etsy shop and at Ebay that have to be mailed. Right now all that's up at Etsy are PDFs of my patterns.

I have 2 plastic tubes with Halloween dolls and 1 with Christmas stuff I'd like to sell but I quite selling anything that resulted in me going to the post office last year once covid hit.

You may have noticed I also stopped selling tatting shuttles and that was because of covid, too. I'm thinking about selling them again. I love the large Tatsy shuttles for big projects and they are made in the US!!! Over the years I found Clover shuttles very popular so I'm looking for a wholesaler for their line. Another problem with this is that I'll have to open an account with a new distributor and that usually entails a $200 or more order and then I have to hope they'll still give me a good discount. In case you didn't know not all wholesalers give a 50% off discount even when they insist on large orders.

So it's all up in the air, just thought I'd write about it since a customer asked about my decorated shuttles.

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