Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Still cleaning and sorting stuff

I was searching thru some boxes of things I had planned on selling on ebay last year but never got around to it. Now I'm glad I didn't because here are the scissors I've been looking for. I used to sell cross stitch supplies when I first started my mail order business and these were left from then. I'm thinking they'll be great for clipping off threads when I embroider something and then don't like it. They were sold for cross stitch so they should work for my embroidery, too.

The box also had some old tatting shuttles. The first tatting shuttle on the left was made by Georga Seitz. She runs free tatting classes online. The second shuttle was made in England in 2000 for The Ring of Tatters group. The rest are some vintage ones I've bought over the years. I lost interest in collecting shuttles so I was going to sell these. I also lost interest in tatting so there's no reason to hang on to them.

My DH bought me the flowers at the local farm market on Sat. I thought they'd be nice in the picture. The hankie with the W or M depending on which way you look at it was in the tin box but I wouldn't sell it. I have a LARGE collection of hankies that I sometimes use but mostly keep with some vintage embroidered doilies. Some day I'll sell them off but for now I enjoy looking thru them.

The flowers are so tiny I thought they must be done by machine but after looking at the back I'm not so sure.

Today's been super busy with housework and cooking. Luckily it's raining so no gardening , yay! This is a pic of one of the blackberry chocolate cupcakes I made. The recipe came from a free PDF booklet from Meghan Ciana Doidge. She writes fantasy books. Click on the link to extras and freebies to get a copy of the cookbook. I made a few changes since I can't have dairy. The blackberries came from the house. I have a large patch and get at least 3-4 gallon bags of berries a season. I've probably written about them if not here then at facebook. BTW, I'm not spending much time there lately. I just can't find the time. I'm hoping by fall when gardening is done I'll have time again. I miss TAST and Johanna's posts. It's become I can post here or I can go to Facebook, I don't have time for both in my schedule right now.