Monday, June 22, 2020

What am I making?

As usual I've been sidetracked into stopping what I should be working on and making something else. I was inspired by an older post at to make a cover for my calendar/journal. It's a whole lot thinner than the 2 Jenny has tutorials for so I ended up doing it my way. The 2 embroideries are also from her site. I made them at the beginning of the year for 2 TAST embroidery posts. I still am doing TAST but only small samples. When (if) I can find the time I'll add the stitches to my crazy quilt and take some pics to post here and at the facebook group.

The calendar was a freebie from our Vet. She gives them out every year. Hopefully this won't be the last or I'll have to search for something to fit the cover :) I'm using blanket stitch to attach each circle to the cover. I'm planning on wrapping the pink thread with the same blue thread I used in the embroideries. I've made the decission to only work on it when I finish or get tired of what I should be working on.

Here's what I should be working on, the new version of the clothespin mermaids. I finished taking pics of both today, now comes all the editing of the directions and pics. I made up a new TO-DO List and I'm going to do my best to follow it. I have a really bad habit of finding more projects to make when I still have too many going already. Last week I decided to get out the tatting jewelry patterns I designed a few years ago and start work on the book for them. Once I realized this wasn't going to be a quick project I looked around my sewing room and seeing all the UFOs I knew it was time to STOP this habit. I now know I need to work on crafting/sewing projects that need to be done in the sewing room in the late morning to early afternoon, switch to the computer till time to start dinner, and do embroidery and other handwork in the evenings. This of course is subject to change on days my husband decides we should be gardening or he needs helps with his projects. Shopping also tends to cut out the computer time.

We went to Ollies store last week and I got these books. I wish they had one for embroidery stitches, too. Books are the only things we buy at Ollies. I never have any luck with yarn or craft supplies there. It was a nice day for shopping but also a bit sad. The local Pennys is closing. Yet another store that was ruined by upper management. I really miss Kmart, too, and don't get me started on the fabric stores that are gone. We were in the local mall the same day as the Ollie trip and were shocked to see how many stores are gone. Now I admit I'm not a fan of malls, I miss the shops in town, but since it was the mall that helped kill all the downtown stores I can't help but wonder where are all the people shopping if not there?  I guess it's Target and Walmart along with the various dollar type stores.

I made some changes in my sewing room. I removed a small shelf and replaced it with another table. Now I have an L shaped work area. It's nice to have more work space. This is the corner of the table with some of my fav flowers, daisies. I also love orchids but have a hard time keeping them alive. This one has bloomed for the second time. I used to have lots of violets but they just don't like this room or the house. The only place for them is in my sewing room and they just don't do well here. If I get any new ones I'll keep them at our other house. The tin heart, star, joy, and hope are Christmas ornies that I love so I keep them up all year. I was planning on making large snowpeople to hold hope and joy but realized I didn't want to give them up.

My timer has gone off so I know my time on the computer is ending. It's a way for me to get better control over my day. It's so easy to lose track of time.

Stay safe, wear a mask-