Friday, April 10, 2020

Had trouble with Etsy's web site and other news

Just a  note to say I was having trouble getting the etsy site to work. All I was getting was etsy's home page, not any of my links. I cleared my cache and cookies on Chrome but that didn't work so I opened the site in firefox and surprise it worked!

Having a few annoying days were I can't get things done due to all the interuptions. My brain feels like it's on overload. Having mild panic attacks but dealing with them. I feel like if I could just sit at the computer, not answer the phone, not have to make dinner, clean the house , and other chores just for 1 whole day I could de-stress and finish at least 1 project.

Here's some of what's been filling my time.Like many sewers I'm making masks for friends and family. This was the first batch and most are gone. I prefer the stretchy t-shirt yarn ties but I also tried some with the elastic over the ears. I can't breath with that style. They really close off the face. With my allergies I have trouble breathing thru my nose, it's alway stuffed. Breathing thru my mouth causes my glasses to steam up :-) so the ties work best since I can keep the bottom ties loose.

Here's where I'm sewing right now. That's a table top ironing board on the right with my mini iron. Below is a basket of supplies. I'm taking a break from masks till after Easter. You know, I didn't even realize this Sunday was Easter, I thought it was Palm Sunday.