Sunday, January 12, 2020

Found a Fun Embroidery group-

Recently while searching the web for crazy quilt ideas I came across a site and facebook group. Sharon at has free printouts for small blocks. LOVE them! But while I was clicking and reading I found she has a facebook group called TAST, take a stitch Tuesday. Every Tue. She puts up an embroidery stitch and members make something with it. Week one was the 7th and here's my result for the chain stitches.

  The hope design came from another blog I found last fall and LOVE! It's Jenny has free as well as for sell patterns. This is one of her freebies. I bought her Christmas scissor pattern and plan on working on it thru out the year. It was only $3.62 US dollars at etsy. She's in Australia. Most of her patterns have bible quotes but if that's not your thing substitute your fav quote.

Having way too much fun embroidering to sew but I did finish another pincushion pattern. Now I have 2 that need the directions finished with 2 more partly sewn. I'm burnt out on dolls and still need to finish the updated seahorse rider. She's been in a zip bag for, mmmm.... I think 3 years now, maybe even 4.

I used to fill (waste) my time playing games at Facebook but now I have little interest in them. In fact I'm getting another embroidery design ready for this month. That way I can start one in Jan not in April. I'll still finish out the 2019-20 series, too. Feb. design is alsmost done and March is waiting to be embroidered.

If I hadn't had to shop yesterday it would have been a great day to sit outside and embroider. It was 72 degrees! Crazy for Jan. in western PA. Today it's only 40. At least it's not raining. We've had 2 years of record breaking rain fall. Trees are rotting and falling over, mud makes walking on the grass slippery because the grass lets loose, and the dogs need dried every time they go out and then come back in.

Hope you'll have a look at the links I'm sharing :)