Friday, March 22, 2019

Have you ever been to Ravelry?

I recently realized that I never uploaded my crochet lucky penny charm patterns to Ravelry so I just did it. This is a great site to find all kind of free and buy patterns for knitting and crochet.

I was looking for patterns for infinity scarves for some yarns I had when it hit me I never added them to the site. Ever since craftsy changed and I no longer sell there it's made me rethink a lot about where I have my patterns.

I'm thinking about using my ebay name to de-stash all the craft stuff and mags I no longer want. I even have some vintage dolls someone left with me back in the 80's but never answered my calls to come and get them once they were cleaned up. I have the same problem with 2 mink bears I made for a customer from a gorgeous short jacket that was from the 40's or 50's. I hated to cut it up it was so nice but I did and made 2 large teddy bears with glass eyes. I called and left messages to her, too. I even sent cards to both of these customers thinking maybe they weren't getting the messages on their answering machines. Never heard back. Do you think I can consider them mine by now? I'm not a fan of really old dolls from the 50's and earlier like these old dolls are. Some of them kinda creep me out. Not as much as old porcelain ones, they make me shiver just thinking about those.

I'll post here when I finally start selling off my mags and supplies.

Still working on the new frog pattern. I wasn't happy with the legs and feet so re-designed them.

I'm also working on something free I'll be putting on the blog next month. I joined an embroidery facebook group but have found I'm not interested in most of the monthly stitch-a-longs so I've decided to start one here! Hope you'll come back and have a look.