Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Put some tatting supplies up at ebay

I just got interent service back after being without for over 24 hours. Thanks a lot verizon :-p It's been happening a lot lately but not for this long. They even sent me a new modem for free. Mine was from 2007, so yeah it was time. Nice to have a modem with wifi instead of 2 separate pieces. Just hope that whatever was causing all the problems like getting knocked off the internet has been fixed.

I know I seldom put tatting things up at ebay unless they are jewelry but I decided to list 3 shuttle/bag sets and 2 chatelaines with gauges. Here are some pictures.

The 2 at the bottom have Eiffel tower printed fabric, so cute! Hope you'll head over to ebay and look for these items being sold by me, user name creativestitches. Thanks!