Monday, August 8, 2016

New Crochet Pattern at Etsy

I finally finished a new crochet pattern. It's similar to the lucky penny crocheted shamrock I designed but this one is perfect for brides. I designed this flower to hold a coin for brides who wear sandals or other shoes that can’t hold a lucky coin. 

Think how special it would be to make one for a bride with 2 pennies in it. One with her birth year and one with the grooms. Or how about the year they met or got engaged and the year of the wedding. 

Make them with wedding year pennies for gifts to give to the Moms and Bridesmaids. You could also make them for shower favors. There are plenty of photos and I even include directions on cleaning the coins. I've kept the price low because I'm only selling it as a PDF, meaning you have to download it and print it yourself.

Right now it's only at Etsy but as soon as I start selling at ebay again I'll list it. I took the summer off from selling at ebay but I'll be getting things back up there this week.