Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Preview of new mermaid pattern and tat shuttles

I'm beginning to work on the new version of my Mermaid and seashell pattern. Here's a look at all the fabric and other supplies I've gathered. It took me a while to decide on which fabric to use. I knew I wanted to do a "goldfish" mermaid but I had a lot of orange fabric to choose from. Since I took this pic I have sewed up the new body and tail, stuffed everything, and painted the face. I'm moving slow (just like always) because I'm working on so many projects at one time. Here's one of the other projects.

I'm also working on decorating new starlit shuttles! Here's a look at some of the fabrics and papers I'll be using. I'm doing 6 now and after they are done I'll start on the next 6.

I'm also still tatting the last pattern for the spring tatting pattern. Don't forget you can get the other 3 months at my etsy and Patternmart stores. I'm also trying to keep them up for sale at ebay now, too. If you don't see them there check back a few days later. The listing may have expired and I haven't relisted it yet.