Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm not a big user of Facebook but....

Like I said I don't often go to my facebook pages but today I thought I'd put up some new doll and craft photos in an album. Forgot how slow that can be. Oh, and I seldom check for messages. Sorry to any who have ever tried to contact me that way. It's best to convo me thru Etsy if you need to get in touch.

I made the graphic above using Paint Shop Pro9 and a tutorial written by the leader at . Makes me wish for spring soon :).

Finally finished a set of leprechauns that were supposed to be done last week so I could put them up for sale on ebay. Since I'm so late I'll just be packing them up to save for next year and move onto making rabbits. I have 2 that need baskets, 2 lady rabbit half dolls that need embellished, and 1 large rabbit that needs dressed. These are left from last year that didn't get finished. Hope to get moving on those in between working on taxes.