Friday, July 6, 2012

Busy Tatting and Tatting and Tatting...

I'm really busy tatting new samples for the Handy Hands version of my Old Fashioned Tatting Patterns. This book is being written with needle tatters in mind so the diagrams will be different than the original ones. When I design for shuttle tatters I try to make as few thread cuts as possible but I've been told needle tatters don't have that concern. Why they don't worry about hiding ends I don't know since I'm not a needle tatter. I've also been told they prefer to work in rows rather than the way most of my designs start which is in the middle. I'm learning a lot but I may have to take a class on needle tatting so I can understand their style of tatting better. BUT even though it's diagrammed more for needle tatter doesn't mean shuttle tatters won't be able to follow it. Experienced shuttle tatters may want to make copies of the pattern and diagram how they would prefer to make it.

The Season of Tatting Patterns will still be written for shuttle tatters since I'll still be self publishing them. I'm working on the diagrams and directions for the winter pattern when I take a break from the Handy Hands diagrams. I'm also working on the patterns for the spring one. I ran out of lizbeth thread I needed for a HH sample so I finished one pattern and started the final one for the spring collection while waiting for Barb to send me more.

All of the patterns for the HH book are being made with lizbeth thread since that's their company thread. This is the first time I've ever used it and am impressed with the selection of colors and sizes it comes in. There are so many variegated threads. Perfect for my mini tatted quilts and jewelry! Barb has been VERY generous and has sent me 1 ball of every color and size lizbeth comes in. AND she has sent me a prototype of her version of the original Aero shuttle. I had a broken one I sent her last year so she could see the type of plastic the ones made in England used. Her version will come in an assortment of colors, even the bobbins will be in colors! Now this shuttle won't appeal to everyone because of the tightness of the bobbins and the clicking sound it makes as you let thread out to tat with but it is a big improvement over the softer German Aeros that are being made in Mexico. The Handy Hands shuttle is being made in China. I know some of you out there won't buy items made there so I guess that will help you decide whether you'll try it when it comes out. I need to do a search and see if any shuttles other than the GR-8 wood shuttles are being made here in the USA. Probably not.  BTW the lizbeth thread is also made in China but the quality is good.