Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Working on the next Tatting Pattern

Things have been way too crazy since Christmas. My dog has been have seizures even more often. Last month he had 15. Most were 2 a day but one day he had 3 in a 24 hour period. The really sad part is other that that he's happy and healthy.

Finally got my computer sorted and hopefully my husband will not mess it up again. He's thinking about buying a used laptop from the place where we get our computer fixed. Wish he would so he'd stop using the one I need for business.

I'm making a start on the directions for the winter version of my seasonal tatting patterns. I have 3 patterns to finish for the Spring and 2 for the Summer.

I found this shuttle for sale on Etsy. Thought it was really cute so I asked the seller if I could post a pic and the link to her store. She has others for sale, too.

There are a few people who decorate shuttles and sell them on etsy. I bought one from LaCossette last year. I have one that's similar to an Aero but she also does clover style shuttles, too.  Have a look!