Saturday, October 24, 2020

New puppy, hexies, and tea


I was thinking about joining in on the hexie craze. You can see I have a basket full of fabric sample squares that would be perfect to use. I keep coming across so many designs I'd like to make but can't seem to find the time with all the VOTE embroideries I've been making. Well, that and the new Puppy.

Here's Micah, an English cocker spaniel. He's 10 weeks old today and wearing me out since my allergies are acting up really bad. I just want to lay around and watch movies but the DH is out so I've got the tuff stuff tyke.

Once this is posted I'm off the computer and getting him out to pee yet again. Then I'll get back to the 2 new VOTE patterns I've designed. That and that huge mug of rose tea. It's my new fav.

 Remember to vote, wear a mask, and be kind :)