Sunday, April 9, 2017

Printer still acting up and no time for shopping

Thought I better keep you up to date about my printer in case anyone was trying to order a printed pattern. It's still not printing great and I've finally accepted I'm going to have to replace it. Now the problem is finding the time to go to Best Buy just to have a look at them. Don't know if I'd buy there or wait until I find a great price online. I know Best Buy will match any lower price I find online but the problem is I'm just not sure what printer I want. I really liked this Canon but HATED the epson I had before it. My brother likes the Brother he got on HSN but that was a few years ago and as we all know you can judge printers by the name alone, or anything for that matter. So what to do? I'm TERRIBLE at making decissions but I'm going to have to do something. Even after trying to clean the print head the black has clogged again. So every time I print up postage the ink is coming out greenish. Kinda how I feel having to decide on a printer :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Having trouble with my printer

It seems this is the year for me to keep having trouble with computer stuff. Now it's my old Canon Pixma printer. I got it the same time as the computer I use. It runs Win XP so you know it's all pretty old (esp. when talking electronics ).

What I love so much about the old thing is that the inks are all separate and the thing that holds them is removable. It's not too hard to clean, I've done it. Also it did work really great and after reading comments about other printers I feel lucky I got a good one.

But now I'm getting an error message saying the ink waste pad is almost full. I checked the Canon site and they don't service my printer any more. Next I googled the problem and got too many conflicting ways to clean the pads. It was the same thing with the ink holder. One guy uses a garden hose while other people say to avoid getting water anywhere but the very bottom.

So you say why not just get a new one? I just bought ink so now I have 5 black, and one each of the other 5 colors. From what I can find at Canon the new printers don't use this size anymore so I'd have to try to sell them on ebay where I just bought them.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, if you want a printed pattern you may have to wait until I either fix my pixma or get a new one. I'll update about this later.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Put some tatting supplies up at ebay

I just got interent service back after being without for over 24 hours. Thanks a lot verizon :-p It's been happening a lot lately but not for this long. They even sent me a new modem for free. Mine was from 2007, so yeah it was time. Nice to have a modem with wifi instead of 2 separate pieces. Just hope that whatever was causing all the problems like getting knocked off the internet has been fixed.

I know I seldom put tatting things up at ebay unless they are jewelry but I decided to list 3 shuttle/bag sets and 2 chatelaines with gauges. Here are some pictures.

The 2 at the bottom have Eiffel tower printed fabric, so cute! Hope you'll head over to ebay and look for these items being sold by me, user name creativestitches. Thanks!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Need some Luck of the Irish? Try my new dolls!

I just listed 2 new dolls at ebay (creativestitches) The boy leprechan is Brendan and his is sister is Brenna. They are $45 each plus shipping. Cute decorations for St. Patricks Day.

 If you're looking for tatting gauges I justed a lot of new ones at etsy. Here's some pictures.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sharing a Sewing Tip on Fixing Waistbands

Here we are statring a new month and I still can't get to my sites at webs. They have deleted them as far as I can tell. I even tried to sign up for a new one and got a glitch (st least that's what they call it) message saying to try again in 15 minutes. 15 Minutes later same thing. They seem to be really messed up.

Ok now that I"ve updated you on that mess here's what this post is really about:

Last summer the local Kmart closed (why can’t somebody run this business right!). I was there going through the racks of clothing marked down to $3, $5, and $7. Not one to pass up a super fantastic bargain I stocked up on t-shirts, turtlenecks (wish I had bought more), jeans, sweats, and even some shoes. With all the shopping points I had I ended up getting half the stuff free.

But there was a problem. Of the 5 pair of jeans I bought 1 pair was my size, 2 were a size big, and 2 were 2 sizes too big. I thought they’d probably shrink so it would be ok and would be great to wear around the house. With the spandex in them they’d be as comfy as sweats. You may wonder why I didn’t get any jeggings/leggings if I wanted something stretchy. I’m just not comfortable wearing them. Even with a long tunic top I feel too exposed so it’s sweats and stretchy jeans/pants for me.

After washing and drying the jeans a few times I found they didn’t shrink at all. The ones that were 2 sizes too big could be pulled up and down without unzipping! I had to wear a belt to keep them up which I hated because I’m not a fan of belts. That’s when I started thinking about adding elastic to the waist. It was such a coincidence that one evening I thought up how I wanted to do it and the next day a sewer I follow on Facebook shared a quick video of just what I had thought up. I thought it was such a great tip I wanted to share it with you. The elastic is added just to the back but you could put it wherever you like. I put Fray Check on the cuts in the waistband. After sewing the elastic in place, I trimmed off the extra elastic, hand sewed the opening closed, then covered it with a piece of seam binding. Ribbon would work too. This would also be great for waistbands on skirts.

Here’s the link to where you can see the video by Beth Huntington :

How Beth fixes a too big waistband

There are other videos, too. She has a lot of great sewing ideas.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

As far as I'm concerned the web site at webs is gone...

I've tried to get to my web site at since my last post and still no luck. They aren't answering messages when I can post them. Others are complaing about the same thing so I'm guessing they've been hacked, getting rid of the free users, or are closing up.

They were a good site when I first built my site there but this is just crazy.

SO if you saved the link PLEASE remove it since I don't know what's going on there. If they've been hacked you could end up with a virus or worse!

Friday, January 20, 2017 site acting up again, sorry

Just to let you know I did updates on my 2 web sites but the one at wouldn't let me upload the 2 calendars I made to share with you. I waited about 4 hours and tried again but now I can't log in at all. Apparently there's something wrong there today as others are complaining about the site, too.

If you want the free calendars to print go the the tripod site and click on the Free Patterns link. They're at the bottom of the list.

Tripod's a pain because of all the ads which is why I started a site at webs. Now that they've become unreliable I guess I'll have to shut it down.

You can see all my patterns here at the blog and see all the links for where I sell. You don't have to go to either of the web sites unless you want free patterns. I'm sorry for any problems this causes you.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Time to Welcome a New Year....

Time to put away the holiday dec and get back to work.

I sprained my ankle and had to shut down the Etsy store right after Christmas. I also let all the listing expire at Ebay. I planned on re-opening last week but once again while out feeding the birds I lost my balance (was wearing smooth soled shoes, bad, very bad on ice) and landed in the snow. Unfortunatly it wasn't enough to cushion me so I was feeling pretty bad for a few days.

Now that I'm feeling better I'll be relisting at Ebay, including listing some Valentine dolls and the I'll opening the Etsy store. 

This is a pic I meant to share last fall. I won the tote in a contest writer Laura Levine had. Last year I won books, a calendar, and other fun stuff from contests writers hold. This year I only entered Lauras, one Kim Harrison had, and two for Janet Evanovich books. I took the pic in front of one on my book shelves. This one's fill to the edges with books to read.