Sunday, May 13, 2018

Re-opened the Etsy store with limited items

A quick Happy Mothers Day's. I went to my Mom's grave (gee I hate even writing that) yesterday. I put a pretty silk arrangement of peonies (one of her favs) on one corner on the headstone. I already had one of white and pink mixed flowers on the other corner. My brother put a wreath of yellow flowers in the middle so she should be very happy since she loved flowers.

Ok, now about the Etsy store. I relisted most of my digital patterns. I think I still have a few more to add so if you want one but don't see it, convo me thru Etsy and I'll get it up. I'm still holding off on adding printed pattterns, tatting supplies, and other things that have to be mailed. I need to sort what I have and my shipping supplies. I'm also finishing up some decopauged tatting shuttles I started back in Dec. before I put everything aside. One side is done but I still have to do the other sides. The matching totes are also done. I'm still feeling blue but I'm hoping getting back to the store and crafting will help me fight the depression.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Why the store at Etsy is closed for a while

This picture is of my Mom and Dad taken at their wedding vow renewal. I love it because they are so happy. My Dad passed away a few years after it.

You may wonder just what has this to do with my business being shut down for now? It's because my Mom passed away mid-April. She had been sick since Dec. which is why the store was closed all that time. Now there is still so much to do and I'm trying to deal with all the emotions coming with losing her. She lived with my brother and his wife. Both of them are also having health problems. They are just so run down from taking care of Mom these passed months.I helped be going over and spending the day so they could shop and do other things. We still have to sort all her things yet so that will be a very hard day.

She was the best Mom I could have ever hoped to get. I was adopted so I have to thank my birth mother for picking such great parents for me. They both aways supported me no matter what I did. I know having a kid who had panic attacks from the time she was a toddler had to be hard especially since there wasn't the understanding of this as there is now.

There is a very large empty space in my life so I'm taking the time I need. Sorry for any problems this causes. You can still buy downloads of my patterns at Patternmart.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Etsy store closed for a month or 2

So much has been going on and I just haven't had time to blog since I'm mostly at a place that doesn't have internet. I'm lucky if I get someplace to check my emails.

Until I get internet again I can't have the Etsy store open. If you want a PDF pattern you can find them at my Patternmart page. Dollmaker's Journey also has some of my patterns.

You can still send convos to me at Etsy. They come to my email addy so it make take a week or 2 but I'll get to them.

Sorry for any problems this causes you.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

No longer using Yahoo email

Wow! it's November already. Not ready at all for this cold weather and the allergies that come with it.

Thought I should let you know I'm no longer using the yahoo email you'll find on some of my patterns. With all the hacking going on there I just decided to let it go. If you need to contact me the best way is to convo me at etsy (1creativestitches) or message me at ebay (creativestitches). You can email me at my hotmail account (bjh150) but there's a good chance it would be marked as junk. If you try the email address and don't hear from me try one of the other ways.

I'm working on a cute elephant pincushion along with about a dozen other things, like decorating tatting shuttles again. I wanted to add some pics here but every one I tried to upload went sideways. Getting tired of this problem they refuse to fix.