Monday, February 18, 2019

New Elephant pincushion pattern up at Etsy

This is my new pincushion pattern. I still have to get it up here at blogger, at my tripod site, Patternmart, and at Dollmaker's Journey. It should be at these places by next week.

Pansy is made from felt and is cute enough to make without the pincushions. I used large mouth canning jars this time and I decorated them with stickers. I tell how to keep them stuck on the jars, too!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Finally updated crochet chatelaine pattern done and up!

I finally forced myself to sit and finish the directions for this chatelaine. There aren't many changes from the original done in size 10 thread. This one is in size 3 lizbeth. The pockets are much larger. In fact it took almost the entire ball to make both.I also added directions for a thimble holder like the wood needle case cover.

For a limited time (until April) I'm offering to send a replacment PDF of this pattern to anyone who bought it previously. Now I have to have proof of your purchase. I can check thru my records to find your order.

You can get the pattern at my Etsy store and at Patternmart. If you prefer ebay just message me (creativestitches) there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas tatted bracelets at Etsy

Here's a pic of the 5 tatted bracelets I just listed in my Etsy store. They are only $5 each! I know I have enough work and supplies in them that I should sell them for more but I wanted to sell them at a lower price. There are various sizes and metal colors. Click the link to go to my Esty store on the left side of the page. They are listed at the top.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Found the missing pattern....YAY!

It took a few weeks with getting ready for Thanksgiving, then holiday decorating, and then Jack (my husband) being on vacation but I did find the pattern.It was mixed in with another pattern I was working on. I checked that envelope a few times but didn't dump everything out. When I did, there it was. This is what happens when I work on too many projects at one time. It also keeps me from finishing stuff.

I listed some Christmas dolls at eBay. They're  snow ladies and Santa's elves. I have some felt cuties to list and some holiday tatted bracelets. The plan is to take pics tomorrow and get them up by Friday. That's the plan but I can never hold myself to them anymore. Take today, I was going to do the pics but got side tracked into having to do something else. This happens a lot especially when Jack is around. He always finds things to do that need my help.

Here are some pics of things at ebay and will be listed at ebay. There are more snow ladies than shown here.