Tuesday, September 5, 2017

It's been a while

It's been a slow summer for me. I just couldn't seem to want to find the time to update the website and here on the blog. You'll notice I now have another page tab. It's for my pincushion patterns. Right now there's just Buttons, the bear. I'm working on an elephant I hope to have done before the end of the year.

News about Dollmakers Journey. They recently added my pincushion pattern and the spring and summer tatting patterns. Have a look at the tatting patterns even if you don't tat. I include directions for each of the items the tatting is attached to. For example, in the summer pattern you get directions for 2 purses along with a case for business cards, a ring bearers pillow, and chair pockets with a pincushion on the top. All for only $12! You'd probably pay that much for just the bucket purse directions.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Pattern, Buttons the pincushion bear

This is a close-up of my newest pattern. It's for a felt bear sitting on a fabric pincushion. The pincushion is then attached to a container. I used a plastic icing container and give directions on decorating it but any container with a lid could be used. You could even use a decorated gift box. I've seen some nice ones at my local Dollar Tree that would work great. The pattern is available at my Etsy store right now and soon I'll get it up at my Patternmart store. The price is $8 for a PDF version. No printed version until next week.

The reason for no printed version of the pattern is that my printer finally stopped working. It won't even turn on now so yesterday I ordered a new one. I really hate having to replace it since it worked great for so many years. Fingers crossed this one is a good one, too.

This is the cover picture for the pattern.

A little more about this pattern. It was designed for Soft Dolls & Animals magazine last fall and was to be in one of the spring issues. Sadly they stopped production with the Dec/Jan issue. I rewrote the directions in Publisher and now it's ready for sale. I'm planning on designing more. I have a rabbit and a cat waiting to be "dressed" and an elephant and mouse waiting to be sewn.

I guess doll making isn't as popular as it once was. It's truly sad to have seen so many doll magazines end over the years. One woman who was involved in the business for many years was Gloria "Mimi" Winer. I was so shocked to find she passed away this past Feb. When I was first dipping my toes into the business I wrote her a letter asking a lot of questions and telling her about my problems with panic attacks. She surprised my by calling. In fact she called a few times just because she said she was thinking about me and wondered how I was. She was a treasure in the doll making world and I'm sure many of us will miss her. I found her husband is still keeping her business going so google her name to find places where you can buy her patterns and back issues of the newsletter she used to publish. I own a few of the patterns and they are fantastic! I also have all of the newsletters.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Printer still acting up and no time for shopping

Thought I better keep you up to date about my printer in case anyone was trying to order a printed pattern. It's still not printing great and I've finally accepted I'm going to have to replace it. Now the problem is finding the time to go to Best Buy just to have a look at them. Don't know if I'd buy there or wait until I find a great price online. I know Best Buy will match any lower price I find online but the problem is I'm just not sure what printer I want. I really liked this Canon but HATED the epson I had before it. My brother likes the Brother he got on HSN but that was a few years ago and as we all know you can judge printers by the name alone, or anything for that matter. So what to do? I'm TERRIBLE at making decissions but I'm going to have to do something. Even after trying to clean the print head the black has clogged again. So every time I print up postage the ink is coming out greenish. Kinda how I feel having to decide on a printer :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Having trouble with my printer

It seems this is the year for me to keep having trouble with computer stuff. Now it's my old Canon Pixma printer. I got it the same time as the computer I use. It runs Win XP so you know it's all pretty old (esp. when talking electronics ).

What I love so much about the old thing is that the inks are all separate and the thing that holds them is removable. It's not too hard to clean, I've done it. Also it did work really great and after reading comments about other printers I feel lucky I got a good one.

But now I'm getting an error message saying the ink waste pad is almost full. I checked the Canon site and they don't service my printer any more. Next I googled the problem and got too many conflicting ways to clean the pads. It was the same thing with the ink holder. One guy uses a garden hose while other people say to avoid getting water anywhere but the very bottom.

So you say why not just get a new one? I just bought ink so now I have 5 black, and one each of the other 5 colors. From what I can find at Canon the new printers don't use this size anymore so I'd have to try to sell them on ebay where I just bought them.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, if you want a printed pattern you may have to wait until I either fix my pixma or get a new one. I'll update about this later.