Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More Halloween up at Ebay

I listed this mummy doll today at Ebay. She's another of my half dolls, meaning they have no legs and are built on dowels and bases. Instead of a painted face this one has embroidered features. I did the embroidery by hand for this face years ago and never used it. Thought this would be a good doll to use it for. She's dressed in tea stained muslin and cheesecloth. The muslin cat she holds is sewn from muslin and is wrapped in cheescloth. Type creativestitches in the ebay search to find this and my other items.

I finished a witch last night and I love her. She's one of those things I make where I'm tempted to keep instead of sell. I'll post more about her when I get her listed. Tonight I'll be working on a new pumpkin lady that's also a witch. If I can get her hat done she'll be ready for her pictures. I'm trying out new shapes of hats and I'm really pleased with the first hat so I'm hoping this shape will be great, too.