Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Halloween items up at Ebay and shuttles at Etsy

I'm listing Halloween decor at Ebay under the seller name creativestitches. The picture above shows a witch cat holding a metal cage with 2 birds inside. The cat and the others are half dolls. That means they are built on wood dowels and bases. They have no legs but with the base they stand.

This is my vampire queen. Yeah, I know the photo's sideways but that's one of the weird problems with blogger.

This is Yvette, a pumpkin princess. She has a wire crown.

Here's another pumpkin lady.

Over at Etsy I put up aerlit tatting shuttles. I have some new colors.

If you are a fan of true pink then this is the shuttle for you.

Here's a new blue shuttle. Notice that the bobbins are the sky bobbins also used for the carribean sky shuttle and sold as packaged sets of bobbins. I seldom carry any of the color bobbins but I do can the pearl clear ones for the aerlits.