Friday, January 20, 2017 site acting up again, sorry

Just to let you know I did updates on my 2 web sites but the one at wouldn't let me upload the 2 calendars I made to share with you. I waited about 4 hours and tried again but now I can't log in at all. Apparently there's something wrong there today as others are complaining about the site, too.

If you want the free calendars to print go the the tripod site and click on the Free Patterns link. They're at the bottom of the list.

Tripod's a pain because of all the ads which is why I started a site at webs. Now that they've become unreliable I guess I'll have to shut it down.

You can see all my patterns here at the blog and see all the links for where I sell. You don't have to go to either of the web sites unless you want free patterns. I'm sorry for any problems this causes you.