Sunday, April 9, 2017

Printer still acting up and no time for shopping

Thought I better keep you up to date about my printer in case anyone was trying to order a printed pattern. It's still not printing great and I've finally accepted I'm going to have to replace it. Now the problem is finding the time to go to Best Buy just to have a look at them. Don't know if I'd buy there or wait until I find a great price online. I know Best Buy will match any lower price I find online but the problem is I'm just not sure what printer I want. I really liked this Canon but HATED the epson I had before it. My brother likes the Brother he got on HSN but that was a few years ago and as we all know you can judge printers by the name alone, or anything for that matter. So what to do? I'm TERRIBLE at making decissions but I'm going to have to do something. Even after trying to clean the print head the black has clogged again. So every time I print up postage the ink is coming out greenish. Kinda how I feel having to decide on a printer :)