Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Removing a Stitch

I decided to close my eBay store for a few months. It's funny, nothing had sold for over a month until last week after I made the decision. I thought about changing my mind and keeping the store running but really hate paying ebay all the fees while making just enough to cover them. So the decision is made, it will be closed at least until Easter. I may reopen then or just put some rabbits up for auction.

I've done pretty well selling on ebay but I do hate the way they're always raising fees and just plain messing up the site for the sellers. You'd think with all the tons of money they've made off of all the sellers they'd be a great business to work with but they really aren't. Just go to the community boards and read all the posts complaining about problems. Last fall they stopped sending me the emails that let me know when something had sold. After a few days of not getting ebay mail I finally checked at the site and found 5 orders. This went on for over a month for me and there are other people, sellers and buyers, who are still having this problem.

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