Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally Some Stitching

I finally got started on the directions for the dolls I finished last year. I'm at least a third of the way done!! Yay!!!! This always takes me so long because I like to have photos or drawings for most of the steps. Having to stop to take digi-pics slows the process. I use Paint Shop Pro to edit the photos and to make the line drawings.

This pattern has made me realise that the best way to do a new pattern is to make one doll without stopping to write the directions. It's OK to make notes of amounts and anything unusual but just get the doll made. That way if I decide it's not coming out like I planned I haven't wasted time with the directions and don't feel I have to stay with what I've written. I learned this from the B&N writing classes/book club I'm involved with. One of the instructors, Marta, told me to just write without editing to get the story told. This works perfectly for designing dolls, too.Here's a photo of the finished dolls. Right now I'm calling them flower ladies but that could change as I finish the directions.

Another decision to make is whether to self-publish the pattern or try to sell it to a magazine. I only know of 2 that publish cloth doll patterns but recently I read about an online magazine. When I first started designing patterns for magazines they bought all rights and paid anywhere from $150 to $450, now it's not that good though it may be better for well-known designers. Another choice might be to turn it into an online class. I've got some research to do!

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