Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dreaming of Writing-so many books, so little time !

I know I should be working on my latest pattern but I started getting involved with Barnes and Nobles' book clubs and they've become my latest excuse not to. Here's the link: I did take the free classes they used to offer. I guess they decided this new format would be easier to do. I pretty much lurk and read posts in many of the clubs but I'm mostly interested in the writing clubs. Since so many of my hobbies have ended up as part of my business, taking the writing classes they used to offer and now these book clubs are something fun for me to do.

I enjoy reading and will read almost anything. I'll even finish books I don't like just to learn what it is about the writing I don't like. There was a time when I even gave up reading because I had read too many books I didn't like. These were best sellers but I really couldn't see why. I would find that the first book the author wrote was good but those written after weren't. It seems like so many writers pen series of books about the same characters and I was finding that they would repeat things from the previous books or even the same book over and over. It began to seem like filler so the book would be bigger. I won't name the authors who put out my fire for reading. If you want to discuss writers and books you love and hate go over to B&N's site.

I have J.K. Rowling to thank for reawakening my need to read. After hearing so much about the first Harry Potter book I bought a mid-sized paperback of the Sorcerer's Stone and was so pleased with her writing I started to read and write again. It was great to read something that didn't have things over explained or over described. I've enjoyed the rest of the series, too.

I read a lot of mysteries but don't have a favorite author or series. I prefer the cozy style to the PI or cop mysteries. My favorite book is 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. I wish Harper Lee had written more but this one is so good I can understand her reluctance to write another.

I was at the library yesterday and picked up a few books even though I have shelves of ones I still haven't read. I love to go to the local libraries for books, magazines, DVDs, and my favorite- the annual book sales! I've been known to buy so many books that when I get home I find I already own some of them but just haven't read them. I havn't read them because I keep going to the libraries to check out the new ones. I tend to go to 3 of my local libraries to browse but I love how I can get books from libraries all over the state sent to my favorite one so I can pick them up to read. This has lead to long lists of books to get and read! With the snow and extreme cold temps we're supposed to get all this week I'm glad for all the books and magazines I have to curl up with! All I'll need are the dogs, a warm afghan, and a cup of steaming hot chocolate hazelnut coffee.

I am catching up on hand sewing right now. It's amazing how many ufos (unfinished projects) I have. Between various embroidery, quilting, tatting, and all kinds of sewing projects, I have enough to stay busy for a year without starting anything new. This morning I was sorting thru some of the projects when I came across some things (2 jackets, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 cloth book covers, and 5 purses) I had cut out but then put away because I started on something else. After finding all these projects I decided not to even look at the stack of dolls in various states of progress. I'm going to try to finish one of these ufos every 2 weeks. I decided on 2 because 1 week just didn't seem long enough. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by everything I tend to put everything away so I don't have to deal with it, but now I've decided it's time to finish stuff or get rid of it. I have a feeling when I reopen the ebay store, I'll be selling off a lot of excess sewing and crafting supplies!

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