Friday, April 3, 2020

Clothespin dolls patterns now up at Etsy

I finally listed all 7 mini clothespin doll patterns at my etsy shop. They run $5.00 for a PDF but right now they are included in the 25% off sale I'm running.

Above is the angel pattern. The tall angel in the back is a tree topper.

Below is the topsy turvey pattern. One side has long braids and has more of country look while the second side has short curly hair and lace on her clothes.

There are also patterns for mermaids & fairy, Ann & Andy, Amish, pincushion girls, and little girls. These are some of the very first patterns I wrote so they don't have all the drawings and photos my new patterns have. Most aren't written book style either like I do all my patterns now. If I make time to update these patterns I will send the new version for free to buyers.

* * * * * *
BTW, I'm removing all of last year's free stitch-a-long pattern today. Look for updated versions for sale at Etsy when I get the chance to do them. My time is being taken up with so many other things.
Like this:

I'm trying to take at least one of Johanna Basford's classes, either at her web site or the daily ones at facebook every day. I bought a sketchbook and some new erasers, dug out my old cheapy compass and fav pencils, then decided to use this box (a Marjoin Bastin, who I love!) as my supply box. This is what I'm doing to "keep calm and carry on". Her doodle-like drawings are also helping with my pattern designing. No, really they are :)